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With the competition looking for the advantage,


Don t ignore branding! They probably are forgetting old-fashioned name recognition. Don't make that mistake yourself.


Most businesses people believe adverting costs too much. They are right - newspaper, radio, TV, direct mail and coupons are all expensive and hard to track. Internet Banner Ads, email, key words are the new forms of advertising but are also very expensive for the amount of sales generated.


The least-expensive advertising is still a Face-to-Face marketing program giving your business card and your 20-second elevator speech to one hundred people each month. This might be an old way of doing things, but it is still the most effective. People like to do business with people they know.


For a relationship marketing program to be effective everyone you meet must know what you do. The best and least-expensive way to advertise your business is with the clothes you wear. Look around and see how many people you can tell what they do and how many you can t. With Logo wear and branding yourself and your employees some of the people you meet at the gas station, Wal-Mart, Fry s etc., will ask you what you do, so you will have the opportunity to tell them your story and give them a card.


The next least-expensive form of marketing your business is with Logo Branded give aways or what is called promotional advertising products, I have found a Business Card Letter Opener is the most effective promotional advertising product when a salesperson visits a business.


That Business Card Letter-Opener is so great it will open any type of package and no matter how it is laid on the desk, your company is facing them. Pens are cheap and for everybody to pass on to their friends, so they advertise for me. It is very important that a gift with your Logo, Name, web address and Phone number is left behind.


I have just finished reading the Fifth Edition of Influence Science and Practice, written by Robert B. Cialdini, Regents Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University." This book talks about clothing, gifts, and sales training required to Influence your prospect. The gift you leave must be something that will be used, given to others and most importantly remembered. When a prospect receives a gift from you, they feel they owe you. They are more likely to buy from you or give you a referral. Either one is what you want, they both result in success.


At Grand Canyon, we not only have Scrubs we also have all those items that will help you showcase your business.

  1. Clothing, - Scrubs, Tees, Polo s, Police, Fire, EMT, Guard s, Chef, Hospitality, etc
  2. Identity, - Embroidery, Screen Print, Direct to Garment, Bling, Patches, etc.
  3. Promotional Items. Pens, Magnets, Letter-Openers, Stickers, over 1-million items

With over 10 years in recruiting and training Automotive Business to Business outside salespeople, I will also work with you in your Sales Training and Sales Recruiting requirements.

Before you make any decision in Marketing and or Advertising you must have a way of tracking your results and figuring your Return-On-Investment.

How do we figure the ROI on our advertising?

Sales Dollar Cost of Ad Cost of Product Cost of Overhead and/or Delivery = Profit

The problem is how many sales were generated from the Ad campaign, vs. how many sales would you have had without the Ad campaign investment.

Question to ask.

  • Do I need to advertise?
  • What type of advertising can I afford?
  • What advertising campaign will generate a Return-On-Investment?

Grand Canyon Uniforms has found that companies'  advertising/branding plan s return-on-investment is directly affected by a uniform program. A Uniform Program will influence desired business outcomes such as marketing effectiveness, awareness, and increased brand equity. We have found that the Uniform acts as an extension of the company and is used to enhance their business image and brand. The company uniform can provide an instantly recognizable signal about the company and its culture. This helps employees build better relationships with customers.

The more times a person sees your LOGO and begins to recognize it the more likely they will do business with your company. If you plan to buy cheap clothing that does not hold up to the laundry and shows signs of fading real soon you must buy more often because you do not want your customers to think you run a cheap company. You show in your clothing, logo, and promotional items the way you will or will not take care of your customers if they have a problem. On the other hand, if your Clothing, LOGO, and promotional items show quality, they will see that you care about your employees look and your customer's well being.

You will see a greater Return-On-Investment with a look of Quality.

How does a uniform/branding program compare to other types of advertising?

Not long ago Ashwini K. Poojary with Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University of Boston, MA asked the question?


Specifically, what is the advertising utility of uniforms as seen by managers in businesses which have uniformed employees that are exposed to customers or the public?

Uniforms refer to clothing that includes a logo either embroidered or printed on that clothing.

The research compares the effectiveness of uniforms as a marketing tool compared to six popular forms advertising.

  1. Internet Advertising vs. Uniform/Branding                                       56.1% - Uniforms
  2. TV Advertising vs. Uniform/Branding                                                            73.5% - Uniforms
  3. Radio Advertising vs. Uniform/Branding                                           74.4% - Uniforms
  4. Billboard Advertising vs. Uniform/Branding                                     75.7% - Uniforms
  5. Yellow Pages Adverting vs. Uniform/Branding                                 55.0% - Uniforms
  6. Newspaper Adverting vs. Uniform/Branding                                                71.5% - Uniforms

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